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Sex dolls equipped with very limited AI

 The next generation of love dolls is a hot commodity thanks to the coronavirus. A new, eerily realistic “sex robot” that can blink, smile, moan, get goosebumps and carry on a conversation has been flying off store shelves since the coronavirus outbreak.

Of course, as the holiday season approaches, we will see an increase in online purchases, in-person purchases, and deliveries for all types of merchandise and male sex dolls.

There have been a few podcast episodes this year that have focused on the impact of the pandemic on technology and automation, but given the time of year it is perhaps more relevant to look at the recent impact and improvements in last mile delivery of lifelike sex dolls , brought about by both Covid-19 and technological advances.

The sex robot Samantha from the Spanish manufacturer Synthea Amatus and the sex robot Emma from the British-Chinese manufacturer AI Tech UK have also been on the market since 2018. All of these sex robots are sex dolls that come with some very limited AI and interactive features.

So while there are probably thousands of experienced sex doll owners around the world who have built their own distinct sex doll communities with online forums and offline meetups, there is a very small number of pioneering sex robot users by comparison. This limits the possibilities of empirical research on long-term sex robot users, usage and effects.



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