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Sex dolls will be updated further

It turns out that it is so popular that some people praise it as the next thing in real life.

A particular sex doll supplier told the Daily Star: “It is conceivable that many manufacturers compete with each other internally. Doll manufacturers learn from other good manufacturers and have many different texture options. To distinguish products and give men the choice that best suits them.

Petronella-170cm extremely realistic adult doll real WM sex doll

“JY dolls have created a realistic cervix and uterus, which has aroused great interest in the community. Some customers say this is the best they have ever experienced in real sex.”

The supplier said that a breakthrough was achieved by combining TPE, soft plastic and silicone. This allows the doll to implant TPE into the body, but the head uses high-tech silicone, which has the function of implanting human hair. Mr. Love told us, “Until recently, TPE, a super soft plastic for flashlights and sex dolls, and silicone couldn’t get close together, so you can only use TPE or silicone dolls, and they were never mixed.” However, the manufacturer recently found a way to combine them on a single doll. Now you can get a super soft TPE body with a very sensitive and super realistic silicone head.

Adult World Cup Love Doll Petronella

“Silicone heads are better suited for implanting hair and details and can extend the life of dolls, in fact, most masks and heads in Hollywood are made of silicone.

Since the manufacturer combines both, you can therefore get details where you need them and flexibility where you need them.



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