Sex & Nudity

Lots of sexual dialog and implied sex before or after scenes, but no actual nudity or sex shown.
Many scenes where people are shown just before or after sex, discussing sex.
Explicit sexual dialogue is used throughout. Many instances in which sexual related terms are used, which include but are not limited to: four instances of the words: “masturbate” and “orgasm”; one instance each of the words; “balls” and “hard-on”.

Violence & Gore

A character punches another character in the face. Blood is briefly visible


Overall, the profanity is semi frequent and includes: twelve instances of the word “fuck” (six of which are used in a sexual implication); two instances of the word “bullshit”; three instances of the word “damn”; one instance each of the words: “hell”, “bitch” and “bastard”.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Characters smoke cigarettes. Alcohol is consumed, but not to excess.

Film review:Translated by

I watched sex · lie · videotape very early. I watched it twice at that time and felt a lot of emotion. However, if I hadn’t accidentally lost a VCD, I might have forgotten later. Only James Spader has become one of the few names I rarely remember. Recently, I finally bought a DVD to make up for this regret, but I still can’t remember to write something for it if it wasn’t for the “pornographic photo gate” incident.

After reading some comments, many people talked about “Redemption”, because they didn’t study religion and didn’t know the exact meaning of “Redemption”, but they always felt that the word was not used properly, and the word redemption was used a little indiscriminately. I couldn’t think of that word when I watched the film. Maybe I don’t understand deeply enough. In my feeling, the characters in this film haven’t reached that step. At most, they just “face themselves”, not to mention redemption.

The topic in the film is sex and all kinds of lies around sex. Whether consciously or unconsciously, everyone in the story lies on this issue. The whole story is also generated from a lie many years ago.

John’s lie is the most common, the most obvious and easily exposed. He has an affair with his sister-in-law, perfunctory his suspicious wife with work pressure, and explains his divorce with his wife’s failure to understand his work. This idiot brain can’t even think of a better excuse. Cynthia was rebellious since childhood and put herself in the position of “bad woman”. She was also very calm – “I didn’t swear to be loyal to her before God”. It seems that she got involved with John because of her debauchery. In fact, it was the unresolved knot between her and Ann Cong’s summary. Ann used lies to deceive people and cover up the facts she didn’t want to face. Graham’s lie is sexual incompetence. Using this lie, he easily won the trust of many women and let them open their hearts to him in front of the video recorder.

Can the video be seen as a true portrayal of women’s lives? I don’t think so. Graham chose this way to communicate with women, because he thought that only through sex could he understand women, and that real sex was an obstacle to his communication with women, so he drew a gap of “sexual incompetence” between himself and women, and built a bridge on this gap with a video recorder. He thought that in this way, he could understand women, what they were thinking, and how they treated sex and men. But obviously Graham’s efforts were not successful. His videos failed to solve his problems or even let him really face his problems. After nine years of detours, Graham has finally returned to the original point. Maybe he thinks revisiting his hometown can help him.

Graham’s strange way of communication can’t succeed. Did the woman in front of the VCR treat him completely honestly? Are they telling the truth in front of the video recorder or in front of men, or is it entertainment with the nature of performance? Anyone will perform consciously or unconsciously in front of the camera and others. Knowing that Graham is sexually incompetent, they feel safe and relaxed, but how much maternal love and desire to perform? I doubt how true their confession is. Even if it is 100% true as Graham hopes, in addition to providing Graham with masturbation materials, how can the woman who can quietly masturbate between two men on the plane on the video make Graham know more about women’s psychology? I’m afraid he can only see how good women are at hiding themselves? From the point of view of the video, Graham’s position is always lower than the women he photographed. He always looks up at these women. From this, we can imagine the psychological shadow and pressure caused by breaking up with Elizabeth nine years ago. For nine years, he has been unable to see women from a normal angle, but with a fear. With such an angle and such a distance, he can’t see a real woman. As Ann said, “everyone who comes in has become part of your problem, and all the people you have contacted” have become Graham’s “problem”. ANN is sentencing him to death for the way he thinks he is “safe”.

Sex is important and even basic in the relationship between men and women, but is sex the only way to communicate between men and women? Graham believes that only the person who has sex with a woman can really understand a woman and help a woman. It is based on this idea or fantasy that he thought of using videotape to realize his wish that he can’t realize in real life – to know women. He has been obsessed with this concept for nine years. If an hard didn’t break in to break this stereotype and force himself to face the camera and really face women directly, he might still be obsessed. The relationship between the characters in the video also denies Graham’s concept. John is a simple arrogant. He never knows his hairy wife or his cheating sister-in-law, let alone help them. Graham didn’t even dare to have sex with women because of his frustration. It was impossible for him to understand women by his theory, but he also believed that psychologists were useless. I think what can be called understanding women in the film is Graham’s disdainful psychologist. He just sat there silently and lured Ann closer to the truth step by step. The problem with ANN is not how conservative she is in her sexual concept, but that she refuses to face the fact that she is getting away from John, Unwilling to admit that her choice to quit her job as a housewife may be wrong, John may have betrayed her, and her marriage may have failed. Ann is probably right. She says people value sex too much. Although it was Ann’s self mockery of her dilemma in marriage, it can be said to be a crooked attack. This is also the crux of Graham’s problem. Because sex is too important, when he broke up with Elizabeth, he could only think of sexual reasons. He thought that he scared his beloved away by expressing love through sex, so he came to the wrong conclusion and chose the wrong way of communication, Because of this series of mistakes, he walked in the maze for 9 years without finding an exit. Another thing is that Graham’s video didn’t let him know about women, but it helped more or less the women on the video. Of course, it may not be all. At least it provides a good opportunity for Cynthia and ANN to face themselves and face the real life. Isn’t this an irony to Graham’s own theory?

The power of lies is extremely powerful. It maintains the seemingly happy marriage between ANN and John and distorts Graham’s heart. Lies are so fragile that the exposure of a lie can subvert people’s lives. John’s confession shattered Graham’s attempt to rebuild the foundation of his life – he and Elizabeth broke up for hundreds of reasons, but it had nothing to do with sex. Fragile lies can affect people’s lives for so long because people only believe what they are willing to believe. Ann is willing to believe that her marriage is perfect and her husband is loyal, Cynthia is willing to believe that she is unruly, John is willing to believe that she has boundless charm, and Graham is willing to believe that sex is the only way for men and women to communicate. Everyone is deceiving themselves with lies and paralyzing themselves until the truth is in front of them. The truth destroys the false life. Reconstruction is necessary. I hope the future life is not rebuilt on new lies.


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