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She eventually became my "sex doll correspondent"

 Day trips up the coast to Santa Cruz are one of our favorite destinations. West Cliff Drive provides a perfect backdrop, and many passers-by are thrilled to see a six-foot-tall doll posing on the railing. We also enjoy exploring the huge redwoods in the coastal mountains. Anastasia looks good in her love doll clothes. Then it goes up to the summit where you can enjoy a breathtaking view. The most exciting thing is visiting the landmarks of San Francisco. Always a lot of fun with the tourists.

About 6 months ago I was offered Celestina (a WM Doll 165cm with #53 head) by a male sex doll for testing purposes and at first I didn’t think sex dolls would be that much better than the sex toys I already own and have reviewed, but boy was I wrong. The most important thing is not the sex but the non-sexual things like hugs, kisses and cuddles. I didn’t realize how much I missed those things until I got Celestina.

I started including Celestina in my content, first with one-off videos about what it was like to have her, but eventually she became my “Lifelike Sex Doll Correspondent” and I made her the face of TFM News when it comes to sex doll articles , robots and similar topics went.

I’ve also started a few new series about sex dolls, including one with sex doll cosplay tutorials called “Waifu Workshop”. This is obviously a big departure from my previous content, but by and large I’m still working to destigmatize male sexuality and a big part of that is normalizing and destigmatizing sex dolls.

Aside from the videos that are directly about her, I’ve included her in my podcasts as my fundraising bot. If you don’t know what that is, it basically means people can donate to me during my podcast and Celestina will show up, announce the donation and read a comment or question from the person. It’s a lot of fun, my listeners enjoyed being able to interact directly with the podcasts, it gave Celestina a lot of personality and also raised a decent amount of donations.



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