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Silicone Dolls & TPE Sex Dolls VS Inflatable Dolls, which one do you like?-【oudoll】

 In recent years, physical dolls have attracted a lot of attention and love from the public. It’s almost time for a full transition from the expansive doll era to the $64,000 doll era. Why is there such a transition? Why do many people tend to choose real real dolls? Next, we tend to analyze the precise deviations between the entity doll and also the expansion doll from the subsequent three aspects.

1. Materials

The real silicone doll is made of medical element rosin material, which is medical-level, environmentally friendly and safe, high physical properties, high strength, high resilience, wonderful coloring, soft touch, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance. The only downside of Entity dolls is that the high value thanks to high-end TPE material and all metal skeleton, mold style and development, head sculpt, etc., also do magic as investment, instrumental investment, creative pay, sculptor and molds, etc The price, 2,000 greenbacks for real dolls, is really not high. The general gain is even below that of expansive pupae.

The inflatable doll is made of plastic lining except the canal space can be made of soft silicone/TPE. There are some expansive doll dealers who always advertise expansive dolls in the name of real dolls by the UN agency. So newcomers have to be careful.

2nd degree of simulation

Real dolls, the fabric of which is incredibly close to the softness and deformation of flesh. The deformation of the joints is ideal, and also the face is terribly close to human and even confused. Real dolls stand and can also be placed in multiple positions, hands and feet are curved. She has the same qualities as an admirer with attractive, charming, stunning or that body posts you. You play with her at all times and treat her as your personal lover.

Inflatable dolls, as the name would suggest, could be quite an expansive product. It is necessary to inflate the TPE sex dolls with a tool to demand the shape of a person’s appearance. As an alternative, stretched dolls from some manufacturers are a bit animal skin. As a result, all kinds of postures are restricted, and also the feeling that the denture is not as sturdy as a real doll.

3. Weight

In short, the entity doll is that the whole entity is not hollow elements, the volume is comparatively huge, and the weight is usually 12kg to 40kg. For example, 165CM love dolls, mainly all in relation to 40kg, are the traditional adult adult weight. The dimensions of the doll are constructed to the highest standards consistent with the crowd pleaser but not overly exaggerated and surprising.

Inflatable dolls, on the other hand, are considerably lighter. Generally they do not exceed the 2.5 metric weight unit as they are easy to hold.

4. Ease of Use

Real dolls are physical. They are bought and used without inflation, so it is suitable for home use. however, it is not suitable for carrying as it is comparatively huge.

When not inflated, inflatable dolls are tiny, lightweight and easy to hold. However, it is relatively impractical to inflate each time before use.

Real pupae, extended pupae are commonly used. They are suitable for many individuals, such as my boss workers, veteran military personnel stationed at the border, a man whose married wife is pregnant, divorced, trained staff, working class, single, the lonely middle and the predecessor.

All are attributed to sexual simulation doll partners. They are far more human and dirtier than simple sexual auto-erotic devices compatible with today’s needs of urban humanity.

All in all, there are executions and disadvantages to every entity doll and the Expansive doll too. People are currently pursuing high-quality, realistic sex expertise. At the same time, the high degree of simulation of a real doll can also fill a person’s mental vacancy. However, the trend is definitely that the entity puppet can replace the expansive puppet in the future. Gradually, real dolls tend to be adult life companions.



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