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similar to cashpresso piper sex dolls factory specifications

The first thing that struck us was the difference in height, although both are said to be 140cm tall. Also, the factory specs for the Piper love doll state that she has an F cup breast size while the WMdoll specs state that she has a D cup breast size. As you can clearly see, the factory breast figures are purely subjective and have no real basis.

I am a breast man and have always been very unhappy with the hard silicone breasts on male sex dolls. For about 6 months now, the big top sex doll manufacturers have been offering a “soft breast” option. Check out the video below, this option looks really good. These boobs look and feel better than any doll I’ve seen.

In summary, the answer to the above question is subjective. For example, owning a lifelike sex doll is not cheating if your wife is aware of it.

In order to decide whether using a sex doll is right or wrong, you first need to thoroughly understand what cheating means. Also, it depends on how knowledgeable your wife is.

Sex dolls also have a long way to go. It is therefore best to talk to your partner. Explain to her the ins and outs of this lifelike doll. That way she will understand why you want one and how it can help you build a relationship. Needless to say, owning a sex doll during marriage is not cheating if your wife is aware of it.

Again, you can surprise me by doing real shows with real sex dolls! Well, there’s no denying that these shows are for an older audience. But since you are visiting a site that is primarily about sex dolls, I would be surprised if you are not.



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