Homesex movieSimple Men (1992)

Simple Men (1992)

[simple men] it’s my second time to see a hal Hartley movie. I saw his [trust] six months ago and liked his ancient and strange temperament.

It is about the experience of the two brothers in New York who went to long island to find their father who fled due to the explosion attack. The main plot takes place in a small town hostel they passed by. My brother is bent on finding his father, and the way to find his father seems to be just an excuse to escape for the brother who got into trouble and ran away from his girlfriend.

The disconnection between characters and reality, mutual sarcasm and satire, but it always seems tender. The bearded shipowner looked at the beautiful female boss affectionately and said sadly, “she didn’t even look at me.”. The elder brother said to the female boss, “you hit me not because I kissed you, but because I saw that you were irresistible”, so they kissed together. The father who slapped his son in the face before boarding the ship said, “now I’m beginning to like you.”.

Irrelevant absurdity and grotesque, often full of comedy. Brother and bearded followed the Romanian girl in a weird machine dance. The brothers picked up a kitchen knife and a fruit knife in the middle of the night and came outside the house to look for suspicious signs. On the street, nuns and police officers wrestled, and the dementia man on one side read again and again: “there is nothing, only worry and desire.”

The unique character design is also quite eye-catching. The gas station man who plays the Yellow electric guitar intoxicatingly can communicate with the guests in French. The town sheriff, who appears incompetent and ridiculous several times, sometimes recites a lot of words like a poet to express his feelings of life. The ex husband of the female boss, who was “angry, dangerous and irrational”, came to the door like a devil, but only threw down his breath like a hairspring: “I’m cold, come back and get a leather coat.”

It is said to be a story of finding a father. With the emergence of several strange characters and casual side details, it is not necessarily true. Therefore, from the perspective of theme, it can be said that there are good sentences without good chapters. ([truth] has done more in this area. Of course, I think Hal Hartley’s surprise to me is enough.) In the film, the brothers expressed their views on their father clearly:

The younger brother firmly expressed his respect for his father’s “faith”. Even if the elder brother refuted on the grounds of abandoning his family, he did not change his younger brother’s worship. The elder brother compared his violation of the law with his father’s violation of the government, trying to point out the “essential difference”.

Father appeared at the last moment of the film, a white haired and rebellious old man. On the ship, the old man read an anarchic book with his Romanian girlfriend and bearded ship owner full of faith, while there was a gap between ideal and reality in his brother’s eyes. When he asked if the explosion was really his father’s fault, the old man shook his head. “Then isn’t your escape meaningless?” After getting off the ship, my father no longer seemed to be a hero. At this time, the brother watched by the police had a deep love with the female boss and was determined to stay in the town forever. Full of disdain for his father, he seems to have completed his father’s replica.

Among the American independent films I have seen, Hal Hartley and Todd Solondz are two directors that make me feel strange. Compared with the latter’s several attempts to criticize the disadvantages of the times, only from the perspective of [truth] and [simple men], Hartley’s works seem to create a small world for the viewer, without ambition, but full of meaning.

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