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Singularity that looks like a human sex doll-【oudoll】

The uniqueness is that realistic dolls (robots) with artificial intelligence can copy and improve themselves without humanity. Kurzweil is a reference for predicting singularities, and he has achieved everything so far.

However, it is foolish to assume that increasing computing power is as complex as increasing complexity. It’s like saying that if we have enough paper and pencil, we can write masterpieces like Dostoyevsky. Leach, a researcher at the Max Planck Institute, theorizes that a key nervous system — a simulated neuron in a computer system that enhances the brain function of a network-connected lifelike sex doll — is allowing for a kind of rapid but accelerated suspicion of the exponential growth of self-power artificial intelligence .

If we can create a human puppet with perfect AI and infer human intentions from it, we don’t have to worry. When these artificial intelligence erotic dolls are finally able to do all or most of the intellectual work better than us, Nick Bostrom will make sure we have the latest inventions man needs to make.

When we create erotic dolls with smart super, IA has good wishes, ethics, all that can be provided, we are of the expected function of the wrist. That’s helpful…then the future of Wall-E is the future that unfolds before us. At that time, the singular humans no longer need to constantly think, innovate, create and learn knowledge… the machine. If you look at this physical activity point, it will be reserved, there will be people who do not work outside to practice these realistic puppets.

That sounds very good, but future societies will face problems such as unemployment or obesity, as well as deep existential debates about the moral issues associated with the sexual behavior of these realistic dolls. We can play video games all day, these games are different from real life. Perhaps we pray to the digital god, computer program, because the fans of the new religious future have already done so.



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