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Some sayings about realistic silicone dolls-【oudoll】

 Realistic doll

In addition to remodeling machines and daily work, it is now a reality to buy sex dolls that look like humans or buy porn dolls for the elderly outside of the sex.

By definition, humans are social animals, and realistic silicone dolls have not escaped this reality. Some people are more subtle than others, but sooner or later the social bond is reflected in many of the actions we perform every day: buying porn dolls does not escape this logic.

When we talk about puppets dealing with human reality, we use the term puppet character, which is also human’s concept consciousness. Or “A man cannot produce well in Germany.

The future emotional intelligence of the talking machine is necessary to assume that the robot or artificial intelligence is perfect in the first stages. Artificial intelligence in gendered and expectant humans with IA dolls or realistic dolls will be part of our lives and our machines or robots and you know the data that at first glance seems disjointed.

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Erotic doll sex with sex dolls

Intelligent application to realistic love dolls or dolls with or without sex means that their decisions are not based solely on statistics. However, knowing the impact of evaluation, they can lead to people and cannot build statistical items such as happiness, sadness or general welfare due to causal factors. In addition, these future doll realists or sex dolls look like people who need to make such qualifications to be sure they are hard to decide but they will be good and they will report.

Just as we can have sex dolls that look like humans, if we have a robot at home and use its resources such as general statistical data and our medical and personal physical images, it is possible to go beyond these sex dolls with dolls that i love, let’s be happy at all times, we defend that this cannot be our health, including our own. In this case, in a similar situation, we are talking about the uniqueness of the robot and our performance when they behave differently from others in different ways.

We can set up an example where all of our devices are connected and the human doesn’t have to make routine decisions because our network friends made those decisions. Our fridge, although it cannot give us sex, we can wisely ask any food we tell you, for example if the milk content is below a certain number of sachets.



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