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Struggling To Find Real Mini Sex Dolls Solutions


I thank you for welcoming me to this real Mini Sex Doll website. This website should help me understand myself more clearly. I am also listening to your enlightened suggestions. I stumbled upon an article on FB and found a Mini Sex Doll. I’m trying to find a solution, but unfortunately I completely redone the bedroom this summer and it’s easy to make a secret drawer in the closet. I believe the only solution is to replace the bed with a safe bed. I will have to buy another bed for a room that is currently under construction. For those who have a safety bed, how do you ensure closure?

What is really surprising is the beauty of certain dolls. I have a “fascination” with the model and then try to order it. The only thing that pleases me is to find a safe hiding place with me and not want the cleaning lady to fall on it. If you have other solutions instead of under the roof of the garage, I’m interested. I will post when I Find out how to make photos.

In my case, I have a small opening in my body that I can let go of.

I can stick a board on the back (wood is enough) and put a small lock on it. For my future dolls, I have planned a long walkthrough … I have a safe bed and no one can see the difference. I also have a sofa with a chaise longue that can be used as a safe, but it is too short for my real Mini Sex Dolls … (not a fan of models under 155 cm)



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