Full nudity seen.

A policewoman is seen in various short skirts, tight tops, and displaying cleavage. In several scenes the camera deliberately focuses on her legs or chest for a few seconds.
A man unexpectedly breaks down a door, walks in on a woman and pulls her against him, grabs her breast, and bends her over in a kiss. This is played in a humorous tone.
An interior wall is decorated with graffiti art, including a large painting of a topless woman whose breasts are clearly seen. The camera angles obscure this art behind the characters during a conversation. It is seen, but not prominent.

A couple start kissing in a bed and start removing their clothes. The Girl can be seen with only her bra and panties. They are about to have sex, but interrupted by an alarm.
A man comes to the bed while a woman sleeping, she’s covered with a sheet at first, then the man removes that up to her bottom, her bare back is seen. Then the man crawl under the sheet, tries to have sex, and they are interrupted by an alarm. The woman gets off the bed, she’s fully naked. We can see her bare breasts for a fraction of time. After that she’s seen with a bra and panties.

A man and a woman have sex in a dark place. Nothing graphic is shown. We can see then man thrusting the woman and she’s moaning. This lasts for a very short period.

Film review:Translated by www.rabudo-ru.com

Taxi express 2 is really funny, but when I saw that many police cars began to play the scene of piling mountains, I no longer just laughed. In that clip, the director is in that scene

Repeating the scene of stacking cars is really delicious and full of laughter. But I don’t know if everyone noticed a detail. A policeman sitting in the car was still smiling under the pile of cars. This is a scene I have never seen in American films, domestic films and Hong Kong films.

What I think about is the French attitude towards life. Yes, humor, humor, nature, freedom.

I remember when I was in high school, my geography teacher liked to say things with French freedom. For example, the French like to March. As soon as they feel uncomfortable, they start to march by walking on the street with any small cloth strip. Maybe he’s the only one. If someone thinks he’s right, if he’s the same as him, he’ll automatically get better. Start growing the team. Then start yelling. If there are many people, it will certainly attract the attention of the local government, and the government will begin to solve the problem! At this time, they finished yelling and were in a happy mood. The next day’s work mood is good!



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