Homesex movieThe Artistic Expression Of Mini Sex Doll Photography

The Artistic Expression Of Mini Sex Doll Photography

Excellent photographs of Mini Mini Sex Dolls can reflect a person’s character and demeanor and reveal the inner spiritual world. Mini Mini Sex Doll photography can be roughly divided into portrait subjects and environmental Mini Mini Sex Doll photos. The portrait (or head) that relies on the character’s face to portray the image is called the portrait (or head); the one that relies on the character’s posture, clothing, background, and environment to set off an image is called a Mini Mini Sex Doll with a specific environment.

A successful photograph of a Mini Mini Sex Doll should be “both form and spirit”. “Form” refers to the shape of the external image of the character, including composition, light, and color; “God” refers to the expression of the character’s looks. When shooting indoor light Mini Mini Sex Dolls, you must first get acquainted with the person being photographed, and establish a mutual understanding relationship with people of different personalities, so that they will not be nervous and lose their original personality characteristics.

1. Picture composition
When shooting Mini Mini Sex Dolls under indoor lighting, the first thing you encounter is the choice of shooting location. First of all, you should determine the scope of the picture. Generally, it is not advisable to place the camera too close to the Mini Mini Sex Doll to prevent the face from being deformed. Second, choose a more rational shooting direction based on the facial features of the Mini Mini Sex Doll, so that you can decide to shoot from the witness side or the side. Third, choose the shooting height according to the characteristics of the human face, and adjust the selection from the shooting angles of flat, tilt, and tilt. It means that three factors directly affect the appearance of the Mini Mini Sex Doll. If used well, it can highlight the advantages of the face shape or make up for the lack of appearance. At the same time, pay attention to the stability and balance of the picture composition. Human faces are directional. Generally, there should be more space in front of human faces. Of course, there are also ways to do the opposite in composition for a certain artistic effect.
When structuring the picture, consider the distribution of colors. Colors should be used to set off the characters in the picture and remember to dominate the scene. The posture of the Mini Mini Sex Doll must be handled well in the composition. You can think of the head as a round sphere and the shoulders as a semi-arc. The rotation of the head and the half-arc of the shoulders will form a certain angle so that the image has momentum in the posture. If the shooting range includes the posture of the hands and the body, the movement of the hands can help express people’s emotions, and the posture of the body also has an effect on the inner activities and emotions of the characters.

2. Background processing
In the light portrait photography of Mini Mini Sex Dolls, the background should set off the main character without distracting the audience from the picture. If the character’s clothing is complex, the background should be simple; the clothing should be bright and the background color should be bright. The configuration of the background is not easy to be too complicated and should be in harmony with the identity and personality characteristics of the subject. There should be no strong contrast between the background and the color of the face because the color of the skin has always been used as a visual benchmark to identify whether the color reproduction of a colored Mini Mini Sex Doll is correct or not. The background should not be too close to the person being photographed, otherwise, the colors of the background will be reflected on the face and body and affect the performance of the person. There is a certain distance between the background and the subject, and it can be treated as an independent individual when lighting. The contrast between the character and the background is not always obtained through the difference in brightness, but also through the difference in color.

3. Clothing and accessories
The color of the clothes of the Mini Mini Sex Doll being photographed should be in harmony with the color of the skin and the atmosphere of the performance. For a person with an active personality, the color of the clothes should be bright. The less vivid colors are only used to express the quiet personality. More vivid clothes color is more suitable for people with dark skin tone and dark hair than people with light skin tone and light hair color.

Soft and cool colors (light or dark) can enhance the warmth of the tender skin tone. White clothes with appropriate gray background can reflect the color of the skin. In the scope of portrait photography, in addition to people, other items such as props, clothing, etc., should be concise in quantity and color. They help to represent Mini Mini Sex Dolls. It is often used to enrich the plot of the picture or play a role in decoration and beautification.

4. Indoor lighting modeling of Mini Mini Sex Doll photography
Learning indoor Mini Mini Sex Doll photography must start with the use of lamps, and in the shooting of light Mini Mini Sex Doll photography, you must start with the use of a lamp. To complete the styling of a color portrait, you must prepare to use several lamps, but you should follow the basic lighting law, that is, only one lamp can serve as the main light, and the other lamps are used to help the main light and auxiliary lighting to shape the image.

The catchlight of color Mini Mini Sex Doll photography is very important. The position of the catch light on the eyes has a direct influence on the expression of the catch light. Remember to make it appear in the center of the eye. Because the pupils are always dark, if the gaze appears in the center of the eyes, the dark pupils will turn white, giving the person the illusion of suffering from cataracts. Therefore, the light spot of the catch light must appear outside the pupil. The front light from one side is a better lighting method, it can make the eye-catching light in the proper position.

Shooting indoor colorful Mini Mini Sex Dolls, through the distribution of light, you can control the tone of the picture, such as the high-key, mid-tone, and low-key mentioned above. In addition, the different distribution and concentration of colors will produce different effects. We should pursue the harmony of the color modeling of the picture in the processing of tones. If the background color is strong, through contrast, the portrait will give people a faded and flat feeling. His sight will also be drawn to the strong color area-the background. In order to better set off the characters with colors, we should consciously observe the effects of the colors of the surrounding environment and scenery on the characters.


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