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The demand for sex dolls does not differentiate between men and women

“Sexual needs are the most immediate needs of human society, regardless of gender and age. Reasonable release of sexual needs is conducive to physical health and mental health, and the love doll sharing space for experiences can meet the sexual needs of the Satisfy people to a certain extent, but it must be emphasized that from the perspective of family harmony, because of the low cost, it is not conducive to the harmony of the relationship between men and women if men form a dependency on it, said Wu Yan, chief doctor the Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases at Beijing Ditan Hospital, affiliated with Capital Medical University.

In the comments of Taobao shop merchants, numerous consumers express the demand for adult male sex dolls, regardless of gender. The fact is true, the above adult retail brand entrepreneur Liu Xiang introduced, in the ‘baby circle’, the purchase of adult dolls also divided into two categories of users. One category is “Shoot the Baby Party” mainly to solve the psychological needs, the other is “Snap the Baby Party” to solve the physical needs. More users have both needs.

‘The reason for this situation, or from the adult lifelike sex dolls brand IP, operation play well.’ Liu Xiang revealed that adult doll brands are more of an emotional business, and brands tend to create a persona for each doll based on the doll’s appearance, each with a different identity background and story.

So while sex toys are sexual comforters and aphrodisiac additives for sexual pleasure, the bottom line is that they are subject to the exclusive love of the couple and the mutual acceptance of the sexual partners.

If we don’t give sound guidance, but instead indulge in boredom and stench, hear obscene words and obscene moans, and sell the “erotic” sex as a punchline, it will surely arouse the great “sexual interest” of some perverted people and increase our moral concern.



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