Sex & Nudity

In two separate scenes of the same location a man and a woman are having sex he is seen bare chested thrusting into her asking her to stick her finger in his ass, while the next boy she has sex with is unwarned of the request
Jordan and Amy attempt to have sex in a car. Amy tells Jordan to put his ‘dick inside of her’. They decide to stop, but Jordan is naked and Amy is in her underwear after this. No genitalia is seen
Xavier tells Amy about a tattoo of Jesus on his penis. The two proceed to have sex, both fully naked. Amy’s breasts are seen as Xavier thrusts
Amy’s breasts are seen as she lies in a bathtub. Jordan undresses to join her and his genitals can be seen from the back. Xavier watches this and masturbates (although no genitalia is seen). After he finishes he’s seen with semen on his hand, which he eats
Amy and Jordan have sex. Amy’s breasts are seen. Her and Xavier have sex soon afterwards while Jordan watches and masturbates, however no genitalia is seen
A threesome is discussed
Xavier asks Amy questions about Jordan’s penis
Intense, graphic sexual content throughout; full frontal nudity (male and female,) graphic simulated sex (straight and gay.) A man masturbates while watching a man and woman have sex and then licks the semen off of his own hand.
A rape scene

Violence & Gore

Graphic, bloody violence throughout, violent armed robberies, decapitations; a severed head vomits post-decapitation. A man’s genitals are graphically cut off.


Explicit dialouge throughout.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Alcohol and cigarette use throughout, white substance snorted (possibly crystal meth), intravenous drug use once.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

A man is decapitated. Later, his wife disembowels their children and kills herself, which is shown in the background of a news report
Nihilistic messages throughout the entire film.

The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.
Sex & Nudity
Xavier tells Amy about the time he had sex with his family’s dog
Xavier has sex with Amy and he asks her to ‘stick her finger up his ass’, which she does. She then has sex with Jordan, and she does the same to him. Xavier joins in and they have a threesome. The scene is darkly lit but what’s happening is very clear
After the threesome a group of neo nazis attack the protagonists. The leader of the bunch firstly rapes Amy before castrating Jordan with shears and attempting to put the dismembered penis into Xavier’s mouth. The scene is darkly lit with fast strobe lights so nothing is shown in detail, but what’s happening is obvious
Frightening & Intense Scenes
At the end of the film Amy is raped and Jordan has his penis cut off and dies from his injuries. The final shot is of Xavier and Amy in a car with Amy ignoring him. Very sudden downer ending
A dog is hit by the trio’s car. His open stomach wounds are seen. Xavier puts him down with a knife. This happens off screen by the noises can still be heard. Very distressing to some

Film review:Translated by

“I hate everything they think homosexuals should like – discos, cross dressing shows, Joan Crawford.”

——”All screwed up”

Punk, anarchism, vague sexual orientation (“queer age” has long had no distinction between homosexuality, heterosexuality or bisexuality), metaphor of HIV, cartoon violence, anger and confusion of teenagers, Marxist spirit inherited from Godard’s films in the 1960s, pornographic imagination like John waters, and, Thoroughly postmodern gorgeous colors and collage narrative techniques – Greg Araki’s films are like a political declaration in the MTV era, rendering the desperate eschatology with a taste of high.

In the early 1990s, an independent film movement called “New Queer Film” Rose – in the era of AIDS, a group of gay directors stood up with a provocative attitude, publicized their identity, intended to overthrow old ideas and establish a new and more inclusive gender / political system, Todd Haines, Derek jaman Gus Van Sant and Greg Araki are both representatives.

Gregg Araki, Japanese, born in 1959, master of film science, University of Southern California, bisexual. In 1992, he made his debut film “the chronicle of the end”, an absurd road film in which two HIV positive men fled Los Angeles. Although the photography is amateur and the performance is poor, we can still get a glimpse of its future video style – and, of course, its criminal nature – Los Angeles studio even refused to make transcripts for it and called it “pornographic shit”.

The subsequent “trilogy of revelations for teenagers” – all messed up, the end of the century and playing around the fallen Street represent the maturity of barren trees. He summarized it as: “in the chaotic and disordered world of teenagers, bad things happen unexpectedly.”

In the end of the century, which was shot in 1995, barren wood once had a “decent” investment and was able to invite professional photographers for the video. The story is like a trio version of “natural killer”, but the radical and political boldness of the video is beyond even Oliver Stone’s imagination in his salty dream.

This is Los Angeles, but it has nothing but desolate convenience stores, empty parking lots and sloppy motels; Red, purple, green and blue lights divide the screen, full of Psychedelic feelings that make people collapse; Jordan and Amy, the little couple, probe the boundaries of sex because of the intervention of the mysterious figure Seville; A aimless journey, they were forced to run for their lives just because the bad omen of “666” appeared again and again… Terror and sexuality coexisted disgustingly. It is conceivable that during the video audition, most film critics left on the spot, and a few left silent.

“Playing in the fallen Street” is a more crazy nightmare. “All people living in Los Angeles are lost,” dak said. He believes that the world is coming to an end, and people who don’t know it seize the time for final indulgence. At the confused party, the handsome twins abducted dak’s girlfriend; A romantic date turns into a terrible rape; Someone preached on TV that the terrible eschatology made the two children commit suicide one after another; Gojira held a laser gun and evaporated people one by one; Finally, with a bang, the blonde turned into a huge beetle and screamed out of the window… The young people no longer resisted patriarchy, but they were not liberated. With the songs of the Smiths, Jesus and Mary chain, this mortal coil, nine inch nail and others, which are always loved by barren wood, they play up the unspeakable depression.

“My films are always misinterpreted as nothingness and darkness, but in fact, their core is extremely romantic and idealistic, which is about how to find true love in this chaotic and disordered world.” Barren trees argue for themselves. Well, if you don’t have a sense of humor, you’ll never feel it. However, as he grew older, he no longer stuck to the theme of “adolescent anger”, such as his recent work, marijuana comedy “smiling face” or the gentle and sensitive “mysterious skin” accepted by more mainstream audiences.


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