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The harm of masturbation

For most people, the most common way to meet their physiological needs is to fly. But when flying a plane, we should pay attention to a few points to avoid harming our little brother in the wrong way.

1. Do not wash your hands before flying

The genital area is very susceptible to infection. In order to better prevent the entry of bacteria, you must wash your hands before who made the sex doll masturbation and sex. If you don’t pay attention to hygiene, germs will take advantage of the deficiency, and symptoms such as prostatitis and genital infections will follow.

Second, insert a foreign body

Some people like to insert penholders, hairpins, plastic wires, etc. into the urethra to get pleasure. In this case, dysuria caused by foreign bodies is prone to tpe sex doll occur, accompanied by urinary system infections, and finally urinary stones are formed.

Third, the wrong way to hit a plane

For example, press the penis downwards and backwards, sandwich it between the legs, use squeezing to get a certain pleasure, and do not pursue ejaculation orgasm.

Due to long-term use of this method, it is easy to cause the suppression of ejaculation, leading to the inability to ejaculate after marriage, which who made the sex doll may cause male infertility. Some people have abnormal development of the penis as a result, causing penile curvature that is larger than the physiological curvature.

Fourth, use small movies to help sex

Some people choose some small movies to help enhance their interest. These small movies will wrongly stimulate the human brain perceptual cortex, which will cause fatigue in the brain center for a long time, trigger premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, and over time, it is easy to have psychological dependence on the small movies. , Is imperceptibly driven by the values ​​and behaviors of small movies.

Five, guilt afterwards

Some people think that it’s wrong to hit a plane, but they just can’t help it. Therefore, there will be guilt and guilt afterwards.

These negative emotions can also affect the central nervous system of the cerebral cortex and transmit wrong signs to the genitals. These anxiety are often the psychological barriers that lead to erectile dysfunction, and they are also the source of self-esteem and depression.

Although masturbation belongs to a person’s normal physiological needs, it is reasonable to exist, but it will cause unnecessary troubles if you do not master the frequency.

As long as we control the frequency and hygiene, it will not have much impact on the individual. We should correct our mentality. We should not feel guilty and uneasy because of the habit of masturbating. This is an sex toys unnecessary psychological burden.



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