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The history of nipple piercing

This kind of operation has been around for a long time. The medieval Bavarian Queen Isabor was the first recorded case of a nipple piercing.
In the 14th century, sex doll fucking it was popular for many Western women to wear ultra-low-cut clothes, half-exposing their breasts with breast rings. In the Victorian/late Edwardian era, it was an upper-class fashion for women to wear busts.

The development of breast wear

After the 1970s, body piercing locations other than ears became increasingly popular and spread to the mainstream realistic sex doll in the 1990s.
Many celebrities and fashion realistic models use this type of piercing. In the ’90s, of course, there was rock and roll.

In recent years, more and more celebrities blow up sex doll have given themselves a nipple ring, plus no underwear wearing a sling or white T to be photographed in the street, making it more acceptable to have a piercing in this area.

Misconceptions and benefits of breast wear

Until now, nipple ring piercings have always been associated with BDSM sadomasexual culture, with many people using nipple rings to represent their M identity silicone sex doll. In the CULTURE of BDSM in Australia or the United States, there is a hidden code. Perforation on the right is obedience and on the left is master. In Europe, the opposite is true.

In recent years, anime sex doll nipple piercings have swept through the field of piercings and are rapidly gaining popularity.
When it comes to perforations in sensitive areas, there is often sexual stigma surrounding them. Although the stigma is not entirely unfounded (many boob wearers claim it increases sensitivity, the fun in the bedroom index Max).

According to the feedback of many nipple wearers, who invented blow up dolls this part of the body can indeed trigger more desire and make the body more sensitive. Especially in a secluded location, visible only to the closest people.

Breast piercings can really improve the appearance of breasts. “It’s very common for nipples to turn in and flat, and puncturing them will push the tissues up a little bit, making them look more pronounced.” But that’s not the only reason sex doll meme why people like to Pierce their nipples!!

Often, the breast wear with accessories will stand out more. Make sure you don’t get noticed when wearing a tight T-shirt, but for this very reason, tit-wearers of both sexes proudly wear accessories to show that they don’t care if their bodies are being displayed — they’re just there for you!

Nipple in painful

“There are nerve endings everywhere, sex doll shop so be prepared for pain.”

The pain of piercing varies from person to person. If you’ve been stressed lately, haven’t gotten enough sleep, and your body is tired and impaired, you’re likely to feel even more pain. So in the meantime, any perforation is highly recommended.

How to nurse after breast is worn

It does not heal easily, usually torso sex doll takes six months and can be as long as a year, and must be prepared for lengthy post-care.

Breast wear is mostly hidden under clothing, so it comes into contact with foreign microbes that can cause infection. Plus, gay sex doll its position makes it easy to be hooked, which is the pain of ten thousand arrows through the heart!

Nursing tips

1. Soak the area with normal saline and spray cream, and quickly dry it.

2. Don’t play with the piercings. Hands and mouth contain bacteria that can cause infections.

Wear cotton clothing during healing.

4. Choose the right starter jewelry. High quality metals such as full body sex doll 14k gold or titanium are preferred. Any product that uses cheap alloys can cause skin irritation.

5. See some body metabolites. Don’t panic. Each puncture drains some fluid during the healing process. If the excrement is clear or milky white, there is no need to worry. If it starts to turn bright white, yellow or green, it could be a sign of infection and consult a professional.


1. If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, robot sex doll wait. During healing, breastfeeding can cause an infection.

2. Women avoid puncturing during menstruation to reduce discomfort.

3. If you’re planning a beach vacation, please wait. While the perforation is healing, you will not be able to swim and will need to stay away from the beach to avoid sand getting into the perforation.

Piercings didn’t come from matt’s generation, and people who like piercings aren’t freaks. Rather than please to please others, appreciate and please their own people, to have the highest level of posture.



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