After watching it in the cinema, it seems that he once lashed Boromir, a guy with weak psychological defense line who wanted to rob the ring, saying that his heart was evil and full of greed

But now look again, just because among the nine people who set out, he was bewitched by the ring. Is he a bad man?

I only felt sad. When I saw the three arrows in his body slowly moving towards death, I cried regretfully and asked Aragorn for forgiveness.

Is it his fault?

Look back at the nine member team of ring guards:

The hobbits, according to King Elon, have proved to be able to resist the temptation of the ring (although the qualitative change of Lord Frodo in the third book finally raises a small question mark on this conclusion)

The dwarf is very direct, the kind of one tendon. He believes that the ring is going to be destroyed, so the eight horses can’t pull it back. He doesn’t even bother to move his mind to rob it (laughs)

The elf prince, floating in the world without smoke and fire, for such an extraordinary person, The ring is not a temptation (the elves are indifferent to the ring. King Elon regards it as the source of disaster and insists that it is not allowed to stay in his own country. Her Highness the queen of light also resists the temptation of the ring and decides to live in seclusion in the West. It can be seen that the elves do not have much attachment to power)

The grey wizard knew that the ring would release terrible power through himself, so he didn’t touch it

The two humans in the team of nine, as representatives of the race with the strongest greed and desire for power, naturally become the best target of the temptation of the ring

This is directly described in the film:

In the dense forest, Frodo said that if he asked, he would give the ring to Aragorn. The ring whispered Aragorn’s name again and again, and the queen wavered and stared at it. If there wasn’t a voice (seems to be the queen of light?) Read his name among the elves, and maybe the whole story will be rewritten.

(Frodo is trying to exercise the willpower of others everywhere. When he was in shire, he took it to Gandalf and seduced the queen innocently in the golden elf city. In addition, he said that he wanted to give the ring to Aragon… Why did Sam not push the boat out with the water when he wanted to help him get it? Why did he have to be suspicious of internal strife

Boromir suffered from the temptation of the ring at least three times: he saw it for the first time at the meeting of Rivendell. Frodo accidentally fell and was picked up by Boromir when crossing the snow mountain. Finally, he lost his mind and robbed it in the dense forest.

Aragorn resisted the temptation, while Boromir stretched out his claws to grab it, so the former is great and the latter is shameful?

This is really unfair to Boromir.

Aragorn inherited the blood of the emperor. Due to the greed of his ancestors, the evil forces were able to survive and expand the counterattack, and his biological mother was chased and killed. Therefore, he was not proud of his identity and chose self exile. He himself once said that the same blood and weakness flowed in his veins. Subconsciously, he has been on guard against the temptation of the ring and will never allow himself to repeat his mistakes.

And his dealings with elves also infected him with the detachment of elves.

On the one hand, his self exile is to give up the glory of the throne, but on the other hand, under the environment of increasing rise of evil forces and dangers, he also escaped the responsibility he should have undertaken. Of course, it does not mean that Aragorn has no sense of responsibility or what. His kingliness and responsibility in the war against the demon monarch is definitely worth writing, But at the beginning of the whole story of the ring, amid the restlessness of the dark rise, Aragorn is a Ranger with no national destiny on his shoulders. He must be responsible for the expectations and life of Elven Princess Elvin

As mentioned above, the Lord of Gondor is traveling (actually running away from home), and strong enemies may invade at any time. Gondor is a barrier for several races in Middle Earth to resist the invasion of demons. According to what Boromir said at the Rivendell meeting, Gondor paid a huge price for peace and tranquility in the Middle Earth world.

The prime minister assumed the security of the country, and the task of resistance and war fell on the prime minister’s two sons.

In view of the strange old father’s inexplicable aversion and critical attitude towards the second son, it can be inferred that most of the military operations were led by the eldest son Boromir.

Seeing his father gradually lose his prestige, people in Baicheng began to fall into despair in the face of powerful enemies, and their hearts were anxious.

Son of Gondor, what a glorious title, and the attendant responsibility is enough to oppress people

Boromir’s sin was that he was too anxious and loved his country and people too much. When he was helpless in the face of the harsh reality, he suddenly learned the existence of the legendary powerful ring, as if he suddenly saw a dawn in the dark.

Indeed, the heavy responsibility lies on his shoulders. It is doomed that Boromir cannot have the time and energy to prevent the temptation of the ring like Aragorn. He devoted himself to worrying and thinking with all his heart, revealing a huge gap in his heart for the evil force that is cunning and good at manipulating people’s hearts to drill.

Several times, Boromir mentioned Gondor.

He said, we have protected your peace with our blood. Now we have such great power to use against the demon king.

He said that what we have been afraid of is such a small thing.

He said, take the ring to Gondor to protect it and let Gondor use it.

In the final analysis, everything is for Gondor, for his beloved hometown.

He described the beauty of Baicheng and the horn of his hometown to Aragorn with deep feelings. Aragon was also infected by him and remembered the scene he had seen in those years.

He was distressed and miserable. He was afraid of his father’s death and the collapse of Baicheng until his death.

With one last breath, I also want to swear allegiance to the king of Gondor, because Aragorn promised not to let the white city fall and the glory of Gondor will be rebuilt.

Worry because of love, fear because of love.

He desperately wants a way to defend and save his important things. What’s wrong with that?

Just because he really has something he wants to protect, he is too anxious and bewitched, so he will be crucified?

Frodo is afraid of him and hates him.

Aragorn quietly pressed his hand on the handle of the sword as he looked at it with the ring.

The queen of light said in his mind that the things he cherished would perish and torture him (always felt that her Majesty was unfair to him, and the spiritual torture was a problem. Finally, when they said goodbye, they didn’t give him a gift or a word)

Is he really a bad man?

If it is really a bad person, will Frodo suddenly wake up after he hurried away, blame himself like a child, and beg Aragorn to forgive him for his greed until he dies?

If it’s really a bad person, will he smile awkwardly and knead the other person’s head kindly as if comforting when he shoves the ring back to Frodo who is almost staring at him after struggling?

If you are really a bad person, will you have such a deep attachment to your hometown?

If it’s really a bad person, will you care so much about your father and brother?

If it’s really a bad person, will he laugh as innocent and bright as a child when he gets in a mess with those hobbits?

He just couldn’t resist the strong desire in his heart. In the final analysis, he didn’t hurt anyone in the end.

Just shoulder too much responsibility and expectation, tortured by inner fear and worry.

Before the fatal temptation, anyone who changes his position with him is probably the same choice.

Aragorn’s last sentence “son of Gondor” gives Boromir a fair honor.

Boromir was the only one in the Lord of the rings who failed to reach the finish line and failed to see his beloved city bathed in sunshine again.

I like this role because he is real and plump, his wishes are real and touchable, and his vulnerability is empathetic.

Everything is just because of the too urgent desire to protect.

(faramir’s father’s excessive censure and endless psychological torture are also extremely sad

The brothers are ill fated masters

Later, when faramir was seriously injured, he was not led by his crazy old father to the sea of fire, and finally married the beautiful heroine iovin

At least it gave a happy ending to the bitter brothers

Thank Tolkien and PJ for their kindness)


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