The Material TPE MINI SEX DOLL Was Born In Various Ways


Hello everyone. I am realistic MINI SEX DOLL. I heard that many people are paying attention to me. I am very happy.

Today I want to talk about my birth so that everyone can understand me better. Love me more

There are many brothers and sisters born differently, and they are born in different ways.

Some use equipment to collect data, some use photos, and I design based on drawings.

The blueprint is out. The next step is for the sculptor to start carving according to my blueprint.

My outline is a bit clear, but it is not so easy to engrave it well.

Sculptors usually need about 15 working days to work uninterrupted. If something goes wrong, it may need to be repaired.

We have revised it, so we have encountered a lot of troubles, please take care of us!

After the sculptor completes the carving, it is sent to the mold factory for molding, which is a very important step.

Why can I see my body step by step? Inexplicable, why do I have an inexplicable feeling! is it hot?

Then he said that there was an alloy skeleton in his body. This skeleton is also very important.

You can use it to unlock more poses you like.

Next, it will be sent to the final stage of the grouting manufacturing process, but here we will first explain the main material that can be composed of two materials.

One is the material TPE Love dolls. This material is environmentally friendly and can be recycled. All prices are relatively cheap.

With TPE, when you touch your body, it feels as soft and comfortable as real human skin.

This material is oily, so I added a little oil to it. Don’t hate me. Just apply talcum powder regularly.

Another material is silica gel, but the price of silicone dolls is higher because they cannot be recycled.

However, this material is less greasy, easier to shape and make-up, and it looks beautiful. In addition, silicon-based materials are slightly harder than TPE and feel a little uncomfortable to the touch, so each has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on your preference.


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