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The original intention of buying this sex doll was beautiful

u Guimin, an associate professor at Zhengzhou University Law School, says the line between obscene and erotic love dolls is becoming increasingly blurred. Perhaps the behavior of these adult experience galleries does not constitute a sex crime now, but that does not mean that other related crimes do not occur, and if it hinders social management order, public health, etc., and causes harm to society even if it needs of certain specific groups of people, the relevant regulatory authorities should issue a ban and a punishment.

“Firstly, there are fewer people on the street so people don’t have to worry about embarrassing themselves going to offline stores; and secondly, people may really have nothing to do while isolating at home .” He analyzed. Spend 80,000 to buy a “girlfriend”. In fact, adult male sex dolls have long been “out of the loop”.

“If it’s realistic, I’d rather have a toy, real women are too difficult to operate.” “I am a girl, I will also buy a doll as her emotional support, I bought this lifelike sex doll is beautiful, and can accompany me, and not what some people think.”

As a “non-mainstream” subculture, the sex culture festival should also achieve the organic unity of economic and social benefit, in the fuzzy zone between public and private, between the advocacy of “sex” for profit maximization and compassionate sexual distress, in order to to teach and solve the problem properly, taking into account the reality of China’s psychological ability to endure and identify with the national situation, to find the coordination between “use” and “life” and the relationship between “gradually into the good ” and “got out of joint”.

According to the adult products market research report published by Aimedia Consulting, the sex doll market in China has reached a huge size of 120 billion. After searching the eye of the sky “fun supplies” related words, but also appeared more than 40,000 companies, which is sufficient to illustrate the existence of a huge opportunity for the adult industry.



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