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This adult sex doll experience has appeared

A friend took me to an experience that just opened today and at first it was quite incomprehensible and a bit overwhelming. After trying it once, I was surprised that it was a bit heavy, but not like a real human.” Wang Liang, a consumer in Beijing, commented that love dolls he had experienced a “robot girlfriend” experience hall.

Recently, he found that many cities across the country, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chengdu and so on, have appeared this kind of adult male sex doll experience hall. Wang Liang complained that the emergence of such experience shops is actually quite thoughtful, not only to solve people’s physical needs, not involved in illegal, but also to make money.

Today a friend took me to an adventure hall that had just opened, very incomprehensibly at first, some people cannot accept it. After trying it once, it surprised me quite a bit, although it’s a bit heavy, but not unlike real people.” Wang Liang, a consumer in Beijing, commented after experiencing a “lifelike sex doll” experience hall .

The sex doll has a metal skeleton, can do a variety of postures, delicate skin, the whole body can be heated, but also make a female voice. The price of 30,000 yuan is fair compared to 100,000 yuan for similar products abroad, but still puts many people off. There was also a “ring” of private yoga and erotic lingerie show where both sides competed to see who could collect more eyeballs. It is estimated that under such a barrage, visitors have long since forgotten they are coming to a “cultural festival” and the focus has long been on the word in front of them.



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