There are many reasons for purchasing a MINI SEX DOLL, but for most there is just one reason.  People buy MINI SEX DOLLs because they want a realistic sexual experience that mimics or is even better than sex with a real woman.

With this goal in mind, MINI SEX DOLLs are designed to provide this experience out-of-the-box.  They have ideal proportions that almost all men can agree are what a 10/10 woman should have.  They are soft and lifelike to the touch, and their internal textures are made to feel just like a real woman should.  Some MINI SEX DOLL owners even report more intense sexual pleasure for their MINI SEX DOLLs over an actual partner.

Realistic MINI SEX DOLLs are good place to start when looking for this type of experience.  They’ll provide you with on-demand sexual satisfaction for many years.  From day 1, when you open the box, they’ll provide this experience.  However, there are things you can do on your own that will greatly improve the realism of the experience with your doll.


Use a premium water-based lubricant

Your MINI SEX DOLL’s vagina will have the same internal texture and feeling of a real vagina, but it is not yet possible for your doll to mimic the wetness of a sexually aroused vagina.  Therefore it is very important to use a high quality lubricant in order to have the best experience.

We recommend Shibari’s premium water-based premium lubricant.  This will keep your MINI SEX DOLL’s vagina lubed and slippery for hours of delight – it’s available on Amazon.

Heat your doll to body temperature before use

In addition to lube, the other important aspect of a vagina that you’ll need to recreate is the warmth of human body temperature.  A soothing 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit will make all the difference if you’re used to a room temperature doll.  There are many ways to do this, but the best way is to use an external heating device.  Ask your doll company if they include one, if not most will throw one in your box for free or a small up-charge.  You can also use warm water, or an electric heated blanket as well.

Use an alcohol-free perfume

Smell is another important sensory experience to recreate for realistic sex with your doll.  It’s easy to overlook but the right smell can really set your hormones off and increase excitement levels.

We recommend you find an alcohol-free perfume that you enjoy.  A modest spritz to the neck of your doll is an important detail that true MINI SEX DOLL connoisseurs never overlook.

Download the harmony.ai app

The Harmony AI App made by sex robot development company RealBotix is an interesting piece of tech that can really complement your MINI SEX DOLL.  The app allows you to create an avatar that looks like your doll, you can customize her personality as well.  Then you can interact with her in a platonic and sexual way.  If used properly, and with a little bit of imagination, this can provide you some level of interaction and connection with your doll that is a step-above just physical.

While certainly not for everyone, it is an interesting stepping-stone between a physical MINI SEX DOLL and full-fledged sex robot.  It is inexpensive so we think it’s worth a try to see if you like it.  https://www.rabudo-ru.com/tips-for-a-realistic-sex-doll-experience/



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