Top 5 Best Sex doll Favorite Woman


Sexual satisfaction can not only be obtained by making love with a partner, you know! You can get it yourself, using help, namely with sex toys. These devices are designed to help a person get the sexual satisfaction he needs, as well as make him recognize himself at the sensitive points scattered on his body.
There are many types of sex toys available in specialty stores. However, what kind of toys are best suited for girls? Or, what kind of sex toys do women like the most? Here are some types of sex toys that are most popular among women.

  1. Rabbit vibrator
    The classic type of sex toys that every woman should have. As the name implies, vibrators provide vibrations to stimulate the intimate organs so that they can reach climax. This toy comes in various types. Some are attached to the finger, some are small, some are shaped like a stick, but the most famous type is the rabbit vibrator.
    The shape of this tool is like the male sex organs, with the feature of a rabbit’s head on the top. rabbit vibrator can stimulate clitoris vibrations while penetrating the intimate organs. Both of these features can make women satisfy their desires and reach orgasm. This is what makes the vibrator rabbit so favored by women.
  2. Dildo
    Shaped like male genitalia, dildo-type sex toys are essential sex aids and most preferred by women who require penetration when playing alone. Dildos are available in various sizes, features, and materials. Some are made of silicone and soft, some are made of iron and are hard. Some are designed to have sizes, you know! So, choose the one according to your taste.
  3. Clitoral cuction devices
    This type of sex toy has recently become a trend among women. Clitoral suction works to stimulate the intimate area by “sucking” the clitoris. The sensation given is like oral sex given by a partner. Because it is the latest trend, this tool is also designed with more sophisticated devices, such as a rechargeable battery. Some devices are also designed to be small so that they are easy to carry anywhere.
  4. Anal beads
    Some women like and are comfortable having this type of anal sex. If you are one of them, sex aids in the form of anal toys should be included in the list of the best sex toys. One of the most popular types of anal toys for women is anal beads. It is shaped like several pendulums that are divided into several sizes, connected to each other by a single rope or thin chain. Insert it into the anal starting from the smallest to the largest pendulum to provide stimulation to that area of the body. Generally, anal beads are made of clean rubber or silicone. Also, this tool has a handle for easy extraction.
  5. Kegel balls
    Kegel balls, also known as ben wa balls, are one of the most popular sex toys for women. This tool which has the shape of two balls close to each other works by providing a massage in the vagina. Others are designed to provide vibrations.
    Uniquely, Kegel balls can also provide benefits outside of sex, such as strengthening the pelvic floor muscles which can help process urine, aid recovery after childbirth, and of course, help you reach orgasm. They may look similar to anal beads, but Kegel balls are not suitable for anal use!

There are five types of sex toys that most women love. Apart from helping you reach orgasm, some of them can provide your body with health benefits! This sex aid can not only be used for personal satisfaction, you know. You can use it when making love with your partner to make your intimate activities more “alive”. Visit our shop and find the sex toy you want.


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