Sex & Nudity

There is a good amount explicit sexual content in the film- much of what is listed below is, if not actual sex, very convincingly simulated.
A woman pulls down her pants and urinates outside (somewhat graphic- we see part of her butt/ crotch and the urine stream); her boyfriend remarks “someday I want to see you pee”.
A man and a woman have sex in a pool. They kiss passionately and he tells her “take out my c**k”; there is then much thrusting and moaning and we later see them in bed together.
A man kisses a woman on the chest. They then strip their clothes and walk to a large rock formation and have rear entry sex against it (bare breasts, butts, graphic thrusting and sounds). She comments that she’s “too dry” and they then climb the rocks until they find a spot to lay down and sunbathe. During this, we see graphic, full nudity from both, and she places her hand on his penis, and later there’s more such nudity as they embrace and climb back down.
A woman gives a man oral sex under water in a pool (nothing graphic seen). They then do something sexual under the water, which we don’t see but which apparently makes her upset.
A man laying in bed handles his genitals under a towel.
A man and woman have sex in bed. We see bare butts, partial breasts, graphic movement, and also testicles during a nearly visible penetration shot after they switch positions; we then hear orgasmic moaning from both.
We see a woman’s head moving at a man’s crotch as she performs oral sex on him; there’s moaning from her and also from him as he climaxes.
A woman’s bare butt is seen.

Violence & Gore

A car runs over a dog’s legs- not seen, but we hear a yelp and then whimpering.
A man tackles and slaps a woman in the middle of the street.


Approximately 8 uses of “f**k”, 2 uses of “damn” and one use each of “s**t”, “c**k”, “hell” and “ass”.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

Most of the film is fairly somber, with occasional arguments between the two main characters that cause tension to then remain in the air for a while. However, two very shocking and disturbing episodes of violence occur near the end of the film.

Film review:Translated by

Have you ever had an ideal, which is a pure and brilliant fantasy, hoping to watch a pure and uncomplicated film that is 100% free from impurities from beginning to end? When you walk into the cinema again and again, into the audio-visual store again and again, hold back bundles of pirated discs again and again, and sit in front of the screen again and again with this childish idea, Staring at the lightning is not as fast as the electric donkey download. When your vision rises higher and higher, it gradually drifts. In the crazy infinite madness, there is always a scene, a line, a lens, a few notes, and even a firm look from the crowd actors, which makes your intoxication collapse and collapse in an instant. It’s just a little, just a little, and a rotten film with a bright future is destroyed, With the disillusionment that all previous efforts have been wasted again and again, you are annoyed, you hold back, you beat your chest and feet, you scratch your ears and cheeks, you can’t help but roar of despair again: point fork, point fork, point fork.

You think day and night, haunted by dreams, dry mouth, but never betray your ideal. You put your hands together, Golden Rooster handstand, left foot youth, right foot reflection, two eyes concentrate. Oral gymnastics is as urgent as a law. You are so restless that you have been waiting for it.

So one day, when the sun was shining in the sky, the flowers smiled at you. You were in a great mood. You smelled like listening to sprite. You raised your head in two steps and jumped in three steps. It was bright and bright. You jumped into an audio-visual store in a circle. The landlady looked at you with a pleasant face. The little sister of the seller looked at you with a squint. You were not afraid, looked upright and stretched out your index finger and ring finger, A gorgeous 45 degree sharp angle, on thousands of pirated discs, you pinch a naked, delicate and mellow disc. When your eyes contact with it, you are violently excited and confused. It’s like your own arrangement. God finally hears your ardent expectation. You wave to it and take out a few banknotes.

You can’t wait. You stumble and tremble all the way. Open the door, light up the computer, wave the keyboard and shake the mouse. You’re excited, you’re nervous, and you don’t believe it. Countless failed experiences have turned you into a suspicious person, and you can’t take it lightly. You say to yourself and keep telling yourself that you’ve been heartbroken and Sanshui eyes, Once frustrated and lonely, I can clearly remind you that you are like a dying age who has experienced all the vicissitudes of life and seen all the things in the world. You are contradictory and tangled, happy and worried. Time is moving forward minute by minute, your doubts are more and more gentle, and your joy is more and more happy.

Finally, finally, your once finally burst out at the end of the video – it’s it! That’s it! That’s right. You’ve been looking forward to and waiting for your persistence in biting your teeth and staring, and finally got an unprecedented return at this moment. There’s never been a video that you’ve seen that can rot so thoroughly, so pure and so reckless. The director and screenwriter have made great contributions. It inherits the good quality of all bad films from ancient times to now. It’s so soul stirring and boring, Without a scene, a line, a lens, a note and a look, it can shake its determination to become a bad film. On the way forward, it faces the great test of becoming a classic again and again. Feature films, literary films, erotic films, ethical films, landscape films and pioneer films can not resist its pace of progress. It has successfully passed the profound, refined, sensational, absurd Insinuation and profound meaning. In the end, it is the only one who has withstood all the pressure and stood out among the many bad films that gave up halfway. Standing on the eternal history of bad films, it is well deserved the king of rotten. Revel, shout and cry with joy. This time, you can finally rest assured, boldly and safely yell at the screen: fuck you! Fuck you! I fuck you more than I can say!


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