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Unfinished Exploration of Confusing Humanoid Japanese Mini Sex Dolls

Answer to this: a better relationship with a false woman, a similar creature that makes us dream, an illusion, rather than staying at home alone. I understand Debora very well: we haven’t finished exploring the “mysterious valley” of confusing humanoid Japanese Mini Sex Dolls …
Its height is 1.64 meters. She has big green eyes and pink candy lips. Measurements: 90/64/94. Her body was black and transparent, exposing her breasts. She was sitting on a high chair with her legs tapering and her hips bouncing. As soon as I saw her, I knew it was her. She is surrounded by several girlfriends, all of whom are placed sensually in the living room of Jean-Philippe Carry. Gynecological plastic.
But I only saw one. I said to Jean Philip, “That. He smiled, affirming the charm of his creature.” This is Elena’s face. My Favorites I participated in its design. I was inspired by public figures, such as strangers crossing the street in the street. I saw the beautiful Japanese Mini Sex Doll‘s mouth here, and beautiful eyes there, we assembled everything. “



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