Sex & Nudity

A woman undresses in a bathrom – her left breast is partially visible.
A woman’s bare buttocks is visible for a few seconds.
We see a poster of a topless woman on the front door of a theater, but her arms cover her breasts, so that they are not visible.
Nurses force a female patient to undress. The patient is shown topless, but we don’t see her breasts because they have been blurred out.
A man and a woman have sex as part of a French porn film. We see the two have sex for a few minutes, but the sex is relatively mild and we don’t see anything too erotic or graphic.

Violence & Gore

There is a brief and mild bar fight between a man and a woman (the bartender quickly breaks up the fight)
A man pushes a young woman and she falls to the floor
A brief and mild cat fight – no one gets hurt.
A woman grabs another woman by her neck and tries to choke her, but a third woman breaks up the altercation right away and no one gets hurt.


Two uses of “ass” and one use of “son of a bitch”.
The homosexual slurs “fag” and “faggot” are also used in the movie, but infrequently.
No F- or S-words. The profanity in the film is much tamer than the profanity in the novel the film is based on.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Many of the main characters are shown smoking cigarettes and/or drinking.
Some of the main characters use drugs (mostly pills). One of the main characters ends up in a psychiatric hospital because of drug abuse problems.
The drug use in the film is probably the main reason for the film’s PG-13 rating.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

The film can be tragic to some viewers, but is not really frightening or intense at all.
although the film obviously contains adult themes and topics (hence the PG-13 rating), the depictions of these themes is pretty mild by today’s standards.

Film review:Translated by

Anna wells: a heroine with solemn and beautiful appearance but rich emotion in heart. She is eager to get true love all her life instead of being wronged by being loved; When he was young, he got rid of the diamond king and the fifth. When he was approaching middle age, he got rid of the director of the cosmetics company. His good friend Jennifer committed suicide and became enemies with his best friend Nelly, but he was also deeply hurt by his first love Leon Burke. (the movie version is played by Barbara Perkins) the prototype is the author of the novel, Jay Susan herself.

Nelly O’Hara: at the age of 17, she came to New York to work hard and get to know Anne. By chance, she became famous on the stage, but it was not only fame and wealth, but also accompanied by stimulants and sleeping pills. After divorce from her gay husband, she went crazy into a madhouse. After she got out of the hospital, she made a comeback, but entangled her good friend Anne’s husband Leon, and went to self destruction again. (the movie version starring Patty Duke) the prototype is Judy Garland.

Jennifer North: the favorite character in the novel is sexy and beautiful in appearance, but not pure. She is kind and kind in heart. Unfortunately, she is not fair. She is also the first actress to take the “red doll”. No one really loves her, Prince, singer, producer and even members of Parliament. Finally, she committed suicide because of cancer and died forever. The prototype is Marilyn Monroe.

Helen Lawson: a female star who is full of rude words but dominates Broadway. Selfishness only leads to emptiness and loneliness in the end. (film version starring Susan Hayward)


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