Sex & Nudity

In a black & white segment, actual non-simulated oral sex and intercourse are shown. An erect penis is clearly shown entering a woman’s mouth and vagina.
A woman is shown doing breathing exercises wearing a see-through bra. Her nipples are visible.
Paintings of a man and a woman masturbating are shown. The artist talks about getting the models to masturbate.
A couple is shown having intercourse. His butt is shown in close-up thrusting up and down. Her breasts are clearly visible. Frontal glimpses of both the man and the woman are also visible. This is a lengthy sequence.
A naked woman moves about while clothed people ignore her. Breasts and pubic hair and butt are visible.
A naked man and a naked woman are shown among clothed people in an office. Genitals are clearly shown.
A transvestite tells the story of her first sexual encounter with a man.
A man removes his pants, and a woman is shown fondling his naked penis. His erection and testicles are shown in close-up. She then makes a plaster cast of his erect penis. Later a latex dildo is shown being removed from the mold.
A man is shown “masturbating” a toy rifle.

Violence & Gore

A man shoves a woman to the ground.
A woman is heard screaming, then the man she was with is shown with blood on his hands. Later, her severed head is shown. The bloody murder weapon (an ice skate) is also shown.


Sex, orgasm, and masturbation are themes discussed throughout the movie. “Fuck” and derivations of it is said several times.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

Some intense psycho-therapy sessions are shown with patients screaming and crying emotionally.
In a brief vintage sequence, a patient is shown receiving electro-shock therapy. It does not appear staged, and looks like documentary footage.

Film review:Translated by

The title of the film is WR: Secrets of the organization. It sounds like an erotic film. Yugoslav director Du Shan Makaviev is also named “erotic director” on the disc shell. In fact, people who know a little English know that the Chinese corresponding to “organization” should be “organism”, not “orgasm”. The original name should be WR: the secret of organisms. The difference of the word means far away and becomes a pink film.

If its false name is a “gap”, it can easily reveal a premeditated rewriting by the manufacturer (disseminator) of pirated discs – through a very ambiguous name to achieve the commercial purpose of booming disc sales.

In fact, I have no objection to changing the name of this video. To some extent, it really refers to the spiritual core of the whole film: compared with the dry “organism”, the satirical effect of “climax” on politics is unprecedented. What’s more, Dushan The “climax” in makaviev’s WR: the secret of climax has a dual meaning. First of all, because of its erotic pictures, it directly destroyed WR (William Reich) and the director himself – the spread of sex made them expelled by the same totalitarian politics in different periods, both were unilaterally distorted by the media, both were despised by the public, and both lost all their reputation. Then there was a long period of destruction and storage, prohibition and waiting, and the dark years of abuse. Secondly, it sharply points out the radical view that “fascism is impotent”, and points out that atrocities are the product of tyranny – people are repressed, full of savage and bloodthirsty anger, and place the climax in atrocities.

WR: the secret of orgasm is a film in memory of William Wright’s film was shot in Yugoslavia and the United States from 1968 to 1971, and was awarded to Louis at the Cannes Film Festival in 1971 Bunuel award. Although the award recognizes the artistic achievements of the film, it can not bring it closer to the mainstream of society. Its absurdity and irony could not make the world laugh, but only brought disaster to the photographers. Makaviev withdrew from the stage amid public criticism, doubt and abuse.

In the spread of the world, Du Shan Makaviev and William Like Reich, they can never find a foothold. They are all excluded by the social body (or power mechanism). Such people generally have one thing in common, that is, they have “heterogeneous” rebellion and are extremely tenacious. They will never recover – they are fighters who have fought and lost repeatedly in the face of darkness. It seems that nothing can stop them from spreading. Because, in this society of mandatory rules, there are always some people who will never be “disciplined”, and their longing for freedom (truth dissemination) is so strong that they have to struggle to make their own voice in a desperate situation.

The film tries to analyze a media – led public misreading, the darkest persecution in history – William The death of Reich.

William Reich (i.e. WR) died in prison in 1958. His death finally made him really lose his ability to speak. This controversial psychologist, philosopher, social practitioner and reformer, as a communicator, finally stopped his tireless preaching to the world and got rid of all abuse, slander, trial and imprisonment.

Ten years later, WR: the secret of orgasm was filmed by a Yugoslav foreigner – Dushan Makaviev, a director under the age of 40, took over Reich’s mantle and embarked on a difficult road of communication. This 104 minute video starts with a silent blue background, The white text wrote: “to some extent, this film is a response to William Reich’s life and theory. It reveals the root causes of contemporary people’s fear of freedom, truth and sex. Reich has fought against obscene sex and pornographic politics all his life, believed in democratic unity, and wholeheartedly hoped to establish a naturally developing society based on the liberation of work and love.”

Anyway, William Reich’s life is a tragedy related to communication. At the same time, as a disseminator and a disseminatee, he is on the edge of the knife, constantly injured and finally inevitably dies in prison. Similarly, Dushan Makaviev’s fate is also surprisingly similar to his. The ban and exile have made him a member of the broad crowd who have been “punished” for communication.

In the name of communication, what this paper wants to discuss is as follows. These main points will be discussed and integrated in the following chapters.

1、 Collective behavior and centralized politics

2、 William Reich and Dushan Makaviev’s spread and the fate of being spread

3、 Totalitarian media

Note: as this film has few materials on the Internet and in books, please understand if there are any errors in the understanding of the plot caused by the disc translation.


“Who will protect us from the Regent, who will judge the police, who will command our commander, who will rule the judge, and who will release our liberation?”

At the beginning of the video, chattering voices appeared on the vocal cords. The sound had little to do with the picture, like an emotionless discussion. As time goes on, the voice of narration not only does not converge, but also appears more frequently. There are both male and female voices, with a deep and stereotyped tone, telling quite shocking language: for example, “fascists are sexual incompetents”, or “after opposing free love, the October Revolution failed.”

And “WR: the secret of orgasm” uses large sections of narration to directly express fierce views. Here should contain the author’s two views, the first is “oral communication is very dangerous”, and the second is “communication mechanism turns people into cold thugs”.

In the video, the heroine parades in the corridor while issuing slogans. Du Shan followed the crazy crowd and fully demonstrated the suspicions and dangers of these publicity with the camera – three face jumps, Milena facing the camera, wearing a military cap and enunciating clearly to make a demagogic call – “cluster effect” is so simple, oral communication is so powerful, speak out loudly, and the right to speak expands in her hands, Make the audience excited at the fastest speed, resulting in emotional chaos, and then everything was destroyed by the excited crowd. Who is responsible for this? Is it a communicator or an audience?

In the video, close-up, close-up and big close-up are used to show again and again the faces of those shouting slogans, those resolute expressions and body language waving their arms, which are quickly edited together.

Political mass communication is primitive and direct, but it is described as a terrible publicity in the video. It is dragged out again and again with an ugly face just to remind us that it is so dangerous and may make us lose our humanity. Makaviev tells the truth through the mouth of the characters in the play: the so-called totalitarian politics makes us used to this way of propaganda, which is tantamount to a hidden collective castration.

Collective behavior refers to the abnormal social aggregation phenomenon under certain stimulating conditions. It mostly appears in the form of cluster, panic, rumor and commotion, which often causes interference and destruction to the normal social order. The necessary conditions for the occurrence of collective behavior, the deterioration of ethnic relations and political unrest are the hotbeds of instant behavior. Yugoslavia is at the crack of dictatorship and regime disintegration, and the wave of anarchists is spreading among the crowd. The participants of collective behavior are in a high spirited and excited mental state, which makes them lose their sense and critical ability and can only follow blindly. Le Pen, a French sociologist, believes that the individual in the excited crowd has a strong “suggestibility”. The words, expressions, actions and even the atmosphere of the scene of the people around him have become a powerful hint and stimulation to him, making his belief, thinking and behavior quickly integrated with the current crowd.

In the video, Milena shouted “sexual liberation is political liberation” in front of the clustered workers, The workers stamped their feet and arms in the three-story built-in broken building, cheered one after another, and even danced collectively in the corridor. The next scene cuts to the documentary left over from the Cultural Revolution – a bird’s-eye view, which shows many little ants holding red treasure books in the square. These two seemingly unrelated fragments have a chemical effect once they are collaged, and everything is in silence; Through relentless connection, it constitutes a pungent Metaphor – the unilateral paralysis of the audience by the totalitarian media, which directly leads to mass carnival. It is not only a fascist ceremony, but also a collective climax under the repression of human nature / sex.

Du Shan In an interview in 1972, makaviev also expressed the danger of this passion: the Utopia originally intended to be pleasant and free eventually became a riot.

What are the consequences of the riots? Where did the tragedy begin? The assembly of images did not stop here, but continued to cut in more cruelly with a scalpel. Thus, totalitarian politics is not just a joke, but a horror. The first scene is a picture of Stalin and many other Soviet bureaucrats walking in the Kremlin, superimposed with the fascist flag, as if they were walking on a bloody road of no return. When the party’s Ode suddenly stopped, the next scene turns to a close-up of a political prisoner being secretly executed – pouring water into his lungs and electric shock to his head – numbing his scalp, And then the song from the last shot continued on the audio track, which was creepy. Everything has been pulled to hell. The abyss does exist and exists in the real image. At the same time, let us reflect: when the face of totalitarian media is exposed and multiple perspectives have been presented, can we still believe the so-called truth?


William Reich was born on March 24, 1897 in a wealthy farmer’s home in Austria. In 1918, he entered the University of Vienna to study law, and then transferred to the medical school to study medicine. In 1922, he received a doctor of medicine. He was expelled from Austria in 1930 and came to the United States in 1939. In 1954, he violated the U.S. authorities because of the spread of “organisms” that can cure cancer and all other diseases. He was detained and died in prison eight months later.

It’s a statement stripped of almost all the details. It’s like a criminal’s resume, isn’t it? Is it so simple for the media to slander a person? Blind one eye, you can’t see the truth. Screening and sorting out the disconnected data and then spreading it will deform a person’s life and distort it unexpectedly. Will communication bring the annihilation of the truth? What should we believe?

Is Reich ignorant of communication, or is the audience too numb? Is he distorted by the media, or is there something wrong with the media itself? And why does the spread of sex become taboo under totalitarian politics? Talking about Reich’s tragic life, these are problems that can’t be skipped. The messy threads seem to be out of order. Here, I want to put William first very roughly Reich’s tragedy boils down to three points.

a. He is carrying out a communication beyond the times

b. He should not rely on “collective communication”

c. Newspapers and other (official media) carried out “false communication” against him

a. Communication beyond the times, madman or prophet

“Revolution is an infertile excitement,” Simmel said William Reich said, “dictatorship is a riot of sexual incompetents.” Dictators must be people who call for revolution all day. This view is repeatedly shown in the video WR, and Reich was exiled for this sentence. Radical statements have become a crime in an untimely era. In 1933, William Reich published fascism and mass psychology, which bluntly said: “fascists are sexual incompetents.” Attacking German Fascism is a manifestation of sadism of psychotic patients with suppressed sexual desire. Therefore, it is obvious that the Nazis will not be polite to him after coming to power. Reich was forced to flee in northern Europe and finally settled in Oslo.

The disseminator and audience are not in the same historical language. The fateful attribute seems to doomed William Reich’s separation from the public, he has always stood in the most avant-garde position, making him isolated. The fanaticism of the public and his calmness become a clear dividing line. What is more ironic is that he was sent to the guillotine by the fanatical public in the name of “madman and paranoia”, just like a black drama.

In 1928, Reich established the socialist society for sexual health and sexology research, and established six instructive health clinics in the Vienna working area with a large amount of money. Later, he established a private printing house “sexual politics press” in Berlin. In an age of sexual discoloration, calling for “orgasm to liberate those depressed people and painful souls” will be regarded as a madman. Moreover, he also opened many clinics for medical practice, which makes the “moral citizens” of this conservative society feel intolerable. Soon, he became the target of the media and the target of public attack. The people rushed into his house, abused him and shouted to beat him and his theory; Various groups and institutions also rushed to get rid of him.

William Reich is a dreamer. His theory seems to be something that can only be seen in science fiction. It still feels very mysterious today. “Orgasm cures all cancers,” he said He believes that life can be a blue thing. Just like Bergson’s life power, it will continue to shine at birth and will not go out until death. And he created all kinds of strange instruments to explore the life energy of the human body.

It’s hard to say, William Reich has always been sober. He compares himself to Bruno, Galileo, Copernicus, lewenhoek, Nietzsche, Pasteur and Freud. In connection with his situation of being exiled for preaching truth, he has a little suspicion of overconfidence, He said, “whether you worship me as your savior or hang me as a spy, sooner or later, you need to force you to understand that I have discovered the law of life,… I have revealed to you the unlimited and broad field of your life and the nature of your universe. That is my greatest reward.”

Perhaps Reich is really an arrogant and a person spreading absurd theories, but he should not end with death, especially in a country that once advocated the theory of free media. One of the most important theories of free media is that “the dissemination of truth and ‘fallacy’ must be equally guaranteed on issues involving views, opinions and beliefs.” It is also mentioned that “… The publication attribute cannot be subject to any coercion”. John, British philosopher Stuart Lille once said, “if all mankind have the same opinion, only one person has an objection. Even on this occasion, mankind has no right to force this person to be silent.” Sadly, everything runs counter to the Utopia of the idealist, leaving only coercion and death.

b. Collective communication, betrayal, abandonment and exile

In his early years, Reich placed his hopes on “collective communication”. He worshipped Freud when he was studying. Since 1920, he has become a member of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society and joined the international Psychoanalytic Association. In 1928, Reich joined the Austrian Communist Party. However, the Austrian Communist Party believed that Reich’s sexual health clinics affected its political and economic activities, so it closed Reich’s sexual health clinics in 1930. Reich himself was expelled from the party. Then Reich moved from Austria to Germany. In Berlin, Reich joined the German Communist Party. But by the end of 1932, Germany had


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