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What Happens If You Don't Take Care Of Your MINI SEX DOLL?

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 Do you want your doll to stay with you for long? Of course, you do. Matter of fact, every doll owner wants their doll to stay forever. Such a silly question that was except, it really wasn’t. The overall life of MINI SEX DOLLs greatly depends on the maintenance and care they receive. Now, the thing is, many doll owners are simply oblivious to the care needs of their MINI SEX DOLL. They handle their dolls in a sluggish and sloppy manner which shaves off years from their dolls’ lives.

Here and today, we will explain to you what can happen to your MINI SEX DOLL if you don’t take care of it. So, let’s get on with it, shall we?


This one is perhaps one of the most common ailments that can strike your doll. There are multiple reasons that can invite mold such as skipping on cleaning and service of your doll, storing your doll in a humid and damp place, keeping your doll in dirty clothes, and you get the idea. The bottom line, if you aren’t playing “good hygiene” with your doll, then there is a decent chance that mold will find a home on your doll. This problem bears more harm to you than to the doll. Just imagine making love to a mold-ridden doll, that’s like giving a golden invitation to a whole variety of diseases.

The lesson here; always keep your doll clean and tidy and pay mind to the rules of proper hygiene. Also, if you find signs of mold on your doll, then don’t wait on taking remedial measures and take action immediately. This will save both you and your doll. See it like this; you save your doll, you save yourself.


This is, more or less, an extension of the “mold problem” that we discussed before. Now, the thing is, dolls aren’t capable of taking a bath on their own. They always rely on the loving assistance of their owners. So, what happens when these sexy dolls are deprived of this “assistance?” Well, the same happens to anyone who refuses to take shower for a month. In blunt and simple terms, the doll starts to stink, real bad. We have all learned in school about how our bodies can fall prey to different kinds of bacteria if we keep ourselves unclean. The same logic applies to love dolls as well. Keeping your doll clean and tidy also protects it from various foreign bodies.

Yet again, cleanliness is the mantra that you must follow if you don’t want your doll to smell sour and dirty. Well, dirty is not always sexy, as they say.


A doll’s skin can get rough after a certain period of time. You might start to feel that your doll doesn’t feel smooth and soft anymore. Fortunately enough, this can be avoided by treating your doll with appropriate body lotions and creams. It’s something akin to what we humans do to keep our skin “young and glowing.” Yes, we are talking about all those skin-care routines that we follow. The same routines also work wonders for MINI SEX DOLLs. Just so you know, the rough skin of a doll is treatable, with professional assistance. But of course, that will put a strain on your pocket. You know what they say, prevention is better than cure.


Another common problem faced by many doll owners. Over time, the various joints of a MINI SEX DOLL lose strength and become prone to breaking. Yes, even MINI SEX DOLLs get old. But there is something more to the story here. A MINI SEX DOLL will age and become fragile over time, but with proper care, a MINI SEX DOLL can stay healthy and strong for a considerable amount of time. Much like in the case of humans, if we take care of ourselves, then we can evade the scars of aging. You just need to apply the same logic to your doll. With a bit of extra care, you can preserve the youth of your beloved MINI SEX DOLL.


These were some of the many scary scenarios that occur when you fail to take apt care of your MINI SEX DOLLs. It is more than obvious that you wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to your silicone partner. Well, all these adversities can be easily avoided if you just pamper your doll with some care and attention. MINI SEX DOLLs are much like human beings. They also require adequate maintenance and support from their owners to stay healthy and strong. So, if you want your doll to stay by your side for years to come, then it’s about time you started taking the subject of her care seriously. With a tad bit of care, you ensure a long life for your MINI SEX DOLL. https://www.rabudo-ru.com/what-happens-if-you-dont-take-care-of-your-sex-doll/



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