Sex & Nudity

The film shows a fair amount of both casual and erotic nudity. Full male and female frontal nudity in several different scenes. There are several explicit, realistic sex scenes and sexual references beginning with the opening frame.
Each of the two young men are shown having sex with their girlfriends at full length with no covers. Female breasts, female genitalia, and naked buttocks are shown in both. In both situations the two young people are seen having sex, full frontal nudity, thrusting, moaning, etc.
Two young men masturbate together on two separate diving boards – the shot is from a bit of a distance, but it is clear what they are doing. As they orgasm, semen is then seen falling into the pool in a shot taken underwater.
Two young men rough-house in the public showers – at one point they take their towels off and are naked as they snap the towels. Full frontal nudity is seen.
Each of two young men have sex with the same woman. One of the scenes includes both fellatio and cunnilingus as well as intercourse. The female character leaves her bra on during the scene. We see his bare buttocks. The other scene is in a car, so most of the bodies are hidden behind the car door, though thrusting is shown. The woman’s bare breasts are seen briefly as the man suckles on them.
A woman performs oral sex on two young men together in a public place while the two men kiss each other. We see the woman completely nude as the men undress her. The two young men awaken naked in the same bed the next morning. Brief male nudity is shown in the first instance – the boys take off their shirts, but no frontal nudity is shown in this scene. In the second scene, they hop out of bed naked but dress quickly.
Two young men go skinny-dipping in a motel pool; they are filmed underwater with full frontal nudity seen.
In a scene at a party near the beginning of the film, there is a brief depiction of a three-way that involves oral sex.
There is casual, but explicit and frank discussion about sex throughout the film – who had sex with whom, how to please a woman, masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, cunnilingus, penetration, etc.
A woman is show sitting on the beach topless in a couple of shots.
The female lead is shown in a bikini, wearing a sarong with a bikini top, topless, or in her bra/panties in several scenes.
The two “girlfriends” are shown in their underwear or getting dressed several times with nudity seen.

Violence & Gore

Julio pushes Luisa while angrily trying to get to Tenoch. This scene also includes a lot of yelling and a little threatening of violence, but little other actual violence.
A dead body is seen on the side of the road with some blood. The body is covered with a sheet and the blood is on the road.
One man pushes another in a scene, but no further violence ensues.


Strong profanities are used throughout the film. Several scenes involve explicit discussion of sexual intercourse and activities. The characters discuss anal sex, oral sex, cunnilingus, masturbation, etc. in great detail.
The word “fuck” is used 57 times (many times with a sexual connotation).
“Shit” is used frequently.
“Puto” is used as an insult toward straight men, but never toward their gay friend.
Other moderate profanities are used throughout the film.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Some scenes show both teens and adults drinking alcohol and smoking both tobacco and marijuana.
At a party three young men drink, smoke cigarettes and marijuana, and take ecstasy.
A young man is shown smoking marijuana while driving a car.
There is at least one scene of drunkenness followed by severe hangovers the next morning.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

Unknown to the young men who accompany her, Luisa (Maribel Verdu) is dying of cancer, which gives the film an overall darker tone.
The ending is very depressing

Film review:Translated by

Like most minors, Julio and DeNO, two heartless children of wealthy families, think they are the axis of the world. Their sex is happy and arrogant before traveling. Needless to say, the sex itself is exciting. At the same time, they also firmly believe that their girlfriend will not have anything to do with anyone else and everything is under control, They are the winners of life. Therefore, when Lucia appeared, their aggressive body language even pushed each other to retreat. However, later, when their casually planned trip really happened, it gradually changed their original intention, or pushed them to an unexpected situation.

Obviously, Julio and de Nuo don’t know why Lucia promised to go to the beach. Lucia is older than them. In the young people’s mind, she symbolizes an unknown territory. During the trip, the two boys had been carefully exploring, but what really “enjoyed” was the explicit words and things that Rosa said and did. As viewers, they couldn’t help feeling that the two children were too childish in front of her. Lucia was the first to seduce de Nuo. He was ordered to walk to the bed trembling and finished in half a minute. Julio, standing at the door, was stunned and walked downstairs. At this time, the voice over sounded, pointing out that the emotion rising in Julio’s heart was not anger. He first had this feeling when he was 8 years old and saw his mother fall into his grandfather’s arms. Then Dano went downstairs and was told that his girlfriend had been fucked by his good friend Julio. The voice over continued that Dano had this feeling for the first time when his father cheated and caused the whole family to move to another place at the age of 10. This clip is regarded by me as a metaphor for the ending of the film – when I find the truth, “I” feel scared and never talk about it.

After that, there was a huge rift between the two good friends. Rutha tried to make up for it, so she seduced Julio, thinking that it would be even in this way. As a result, there was a greater conflict – it turned out that de Nuo also became Julio’s girlfriend. The plot has changed again here. Two teenagers on the road with a hunting object mentality are completely bitten to death by rutha. They not only have to do everything according to her rules, but also have to do all the work, such as finding a way, setting up a tent, not disturbing her naked sunbathing, etc. The three seem to be back in harmony. They find the gate of heaven and get drunk one night. Julio and Dano seem to be crazy and spit out all the honesty. Finally, they set off a group P in Rosa’s agitation.

The next morning, the two boys left Lucia driving home alone as if frightened. (of course, Lucia has found something else and doesn’t need them anymore) they think they will get the vent of sexual desire from this trip, but they will be swallowed up by desire in the end. And where does this desire come from? At the end of the video, Julio learned from de Nuo that Lucia had learned that she would not live long with cancer before she promised to go to the beach. In addition, the fact that her husband had cheated many times before made the woman “plunge into life” again with despair. From then on, they both understood that the essence of sex is life and death rather than happiness. Life is the desire for life and death is the fear of death. The truth is that they will never meet again.


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